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Entry #7

At last I return, after approximately a year and a half of absence. My sincerest apologies, as I've been busy balancing work and friends. My working hours are here, there, and everywhere, seeing as I am but a part-time worker. No further progress on my beloved story, though I've had numerous reviews from close friends and have been told that once I finish it, I should publish it.

I've left my GaiaOnline account in the hands of my mother, so any further activity on it is due to her, not me. My most recent hobby has been playing on the xBox 360 that I received for Christmas, though my Live account subscription has run out for the time being. Alas, I must save my money for repairs to my car, which total about $1200-$1500. The water pump is shot, and I need two new tires as well before registration. At the moment my mother and I share her car to travel back and forth to work, but other than that I have no means of going elsewhere, save for my friends coming to pick me up.

At the moment I am thoroughly exhausted, and wishing there was more to my life than just dragging myself through another day of work... there are very few things I look forward to. Portcon in June being one, and visiting with a close friend of mine the next chance I get being another. Sometime in March, hopefully.

I've picked up some new interests as of recent. Some of them are just interests rekindled from when I was younger. Rurouni Kenshin, Bleach, and Kekkaishi being among them. Cowboy Bebop and Big O as well, though I have a hard time taking the Big O series very seriously, as Roger (the main character) shares a voice with Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, so when I watch Big O the only thing I can think of is Spike. The main character of Kekkaishi (named Yoshimori) and Ikkaku Madarame (from Bleach) also share a voice with each other, as well as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, but for some reason I've no issue with seeing them as different people.

I've thought, somewhat seriously, about joining a few of the groups here at LiveJournal. I've come to terms with the fact that I have a few interests that some of my friends don't approve of, but I try to keep those interests hidden while I'm around them so that they don't feel uncomfortable. I won't push any interest on anyone. I realize that friends don't always like all the same things, and so I say to each their own. I do have friends that share these interests with me, and that I'm grateful for, knowing I'm not completely alone. I also know that my closest friend has no plans on accepting these as her own interest, and I'm perfectly fine with that as well. All I ask is that she accept me for who I am, knowing that I'll never try to push her into these interests and will keep them to myself while around her. We simply grew up and matured in two different worlds, befriended different people, and so our interests and hobbies were moulded in two different ways. Had I continued to live my life in her neighborhood instead of moving out of state, I assume that my interests would be quite different than they are now, as I would have continued to grow up with her and the friends I had instead of befriending people who were so vastly different from those I'd known in my early childhood. A wise man once said "to thine own self, be true" and those words I take to heart. I will not change myself to please others; if one does not approve of myself or my interests, so be it, as these factors are what make me who I am as a person.

But alas, I ramble. I will cut myself short here for the night, and return to you tomorrow with possibly more news, and at the very least an update of my plans.